Sunday, May 24, 2009

Best Laid Plans

There were stretches of time when I was training for triathlons seriously that I would not miss a day of training for months on end. I prided myself on my consistency. I believe it was a reason for my success. Now, I am into a different reality. Like always, I had some ambitious plans in the back of my mind about having a serious go at the Master's Road Racing circuit. Others in the club have been urging me to do so.

Winter "training" was sporadic, but I did get in a good week of riding in Tucson and the legs felt good on a few long rides down there. Then I got swamped with work for two weeks - barely any time to get any training in, I then sprained my ankle very badly(an Avulsion Fracture actually - look it up), that was three more weeks of inactivity. I then got in two decent indoor sessions, and epic 100K in Biblical rain( where I actually felt very good), a couple of commute rides to/from the office and now I am coming down with a cold that has gone deep in my chest, and some more down time. So in the past three months, I think I have got in all tolled, maybe 10 workouts! The only consistency that I have currently, is being inconsistent!

However, given the news of the week( see previous post about Steve Larsen), I am grateful to be able to get out for any ride. Just being on the bike and having the wind on my face is a enough for me. The racing will have to wait for some other time - or maybe not at all. Who knows?

Picture above is of my bike doing, what it seems to be doing a lot of - leaning up against the wall gathering dust!

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