Friday, October 7, 2011

eMail to CBC re: Don Cherry

Dear CBC Sports,

When is enough, is enough for you with Don Cherry? I know that it's all about the ratings and the numbers as, I know that Cherry's, Coaches Corner segment is perhaps the most watched 5 minutes on CBC TV all week. However, it's reached the point that he's an absolute disgrace and embarrassment not just to you, but to the whole sport of hockey.

The man has lost all touch with reality. At one time, many years ago, he was remotely funny, but now he's just sad, and pathetic. Do the right thing and get rid of him, now! He's supposed to be a HOCKEY ANALYST - so get someone on there that really knows hockey - today's version of hockey, not how they played 30 years ago!!! Don lives in a time bubble and he's NEVER moved on from that. The game moved on from where Don is at, years ago.

How much does the back-lash against his offensive, and bewildering tirades (often not even about hockey), have to go on, until you take action. I always turn off the TV, or leave the room whenever Don comes on now - and I know that I am not alone in my disgust for his diatribes.

Best regards,

Steve Fleck
Aurora, Ont.


jimgene said...

We agree completely. The man is a loose cannon and not the type of person we hope our grandchildren would look up to. He is a total disgrace and hopefully CBC finds temselves a hockey analyst with a brain larger than a microdot.

Steve Fleck said...

I am doubtful that the CBC will do anything:

1. Coaches Corner nets HUGE ad revenues

2. CBC Brass have distanced themselves from the whole thing.

3. Don's side-kick Ron Maclean has even come to his defense.

All sad and disappointing - the Ron MacLean actions in particular. I used to have HUGE respect for Ron, but with this it's gone down the tubes.


Brian said...

CBC will not do anything as they are weak, and bow to the beer advertising dollars. Unfortunately there are more beer swilling violence loving morons out there than folks that believe Cherry to be an idiot that at times preaches racism (against French and Europeans). He also says that violence is the answer and if you're against it, you're a pansy.

Only good thing Don does is support Canada's military.