Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quick Update

I have fallen behind with the blog. It's been a nutty last few weeks - on the road almost full bore for 14 days straight - work, travel, play, training vacation - it's all a blur!

I thought I would have a few spare hours here and there to update things on the blog and get some new content up while I was down in Tucson at TriFest, but it was not too be. I did get in a solid 5 days of riding, which was nice, but I was totally trashed from that and it's taken me a week to recover. The good news is that, I can tell already that the over-load worked. I jumped back on the trainer for a few short work-outs in the last week and the legs have felt amazing - very strong.

The other good news is that wetsuit sales are looking strong at the front end of the main selling season. We'll keep our fingers crossed that the tend will continue.

Anyway - I do have a few posts that I am working on and will be posting that new content up soon. This includes:

- Follow up to the Drafting in Triathlon post I did a whole back
- Some highlights from TriFest and the 6 days in Tucson
- Wetsuit selling season is almost here, so I will be posting up some primers on selling wetsuits, that hopefully some of of Nineteen retail customers will find helpful.

A brief Twitter up-date: It's been fun. Not sure exactly what it is accomplishing, but it's strange to me the people that find me and start following. I think that I am up to 60-odd "Followers". Whoever you are, thanks for, "following". They have a Widget that posts up my Twitter feed on the Blog - you can see it to the right and the top of the page.

That's it for now. It's been a long day and I need to get home and get to bed.

Picture above was taken by the folks at the German Triathlon Magazine and appeared in their Feature issue on Ironman Hawaii - yes that's me having a shot of Espresso from the Coffees of Hawaii boat about 500m into the Ironman Hawaii swim( not during the race!!)