Friday, April 24, 2009

An Update From the Far Side of 48!

Turned 48 this week. I reach this age with mixed emotions. The number says I am getting older, but someone who I met recently was surprised to find out I was that "Old" - he thought I was in my 30's. Thanks.

My wonderful wife's comment on all this is that, she is worried that in 2 years she will be married to a 50 year-old!! I must admit, 50 does seem a bit daunting - half a century and most likely more than half of my life gone. Although, I seem to be blessed with good genes - many in my family have lived to a ripe old age. I have had Great Grand-Parents and Grand Parents live into their late 80's and in one case mid - 90's. God willing, I hope that I will be as fortunate.

Forty-eight is not one of those significant birthdays, but for me it did send home the message that I am indeed, closer to 50, than further away from it. I should start to think about planning something special for the 50th. What I would like to do is, get a bunch of good friends and fellow athletes together and we'll ride 50 miles. So if you are reading this now, book the day - April 23, 2011. We have a nice 50 mile loop starting and finishing in Aurora, ON. That is actually going to be a great year - it will be the 100th Anniversary of North Toronto Collegiate - my High School. Plans are already well underway for some major celebrations.

Picture above is of me climbing Mt. Lemmon about a month ago on our trip to Tucson, AZ. It's an amazing place to ride and Mt Lemmon is one of those must-do rides. I can say this, it is stuff like this that keeps me young. I feel lucky and grateful that I can still do things like this. It's been a big part of my life and it continues to be so today. I look around and I see the many other men my age and I realize that there is actually a very small percentage who still do things like this. It shocks me how inactive the general population is. I used to let this bother me, but know I just go out and ride and take a deep and great satisfaction from the fact that I can still do this and I still get a great boost from being physically active and taking on some challenges. It's not training - it's more than that to me these days. It's more like playing - but shouldn't it always be like that!