Saturday, March 8, 2008

Finally a Blog From Fleck

I tend to be late with the technology, so I am finally getting around to setting up a Blog. I must admit that I have been very inspired by friend and Olympic Triathlon Champion Simon Whitfield who has one of the best triathlon blogs going -
. He's really been out there with what he has been posting up and I am sure that he has many people reading and watching. I have been around many world class athletes in my time and it's rare for an athlete of this stature to be so honest and candid. It's great stuff. Thanks Simon for the inspiration.

I also thought this would be helpful ( warning - crass promotion coming) in the business development of Nineteen Wetsuits. I am the Sales & Marketing Manager for Nineteen and I have been using online portals and sites such as and in my marketing and networking, to great effect - having a blog seemed like the next step.

So there it is. First post done. Not sure who is going to read this drival, but it's here for everyone.

I have just returned inside after shovelling a monster amount of snow here in Aurora with my Son Matthew and I am about to get dinner ready for Matt, Paolina and I.

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