Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Paolina and I where married last Thursday in a quiet civil ceremony in our own house in Aurora, Ont. In attendance where some of our closest friends and family members including my son Matthew who was good enough to hold the rings for us. Thanks, Matt!

After the ceremony we all gathered at Chinook Resturant in Aurora, our favourite place to eat for dinner.

Paolina and I met on a bike ride near Aurora, and I somehow knew from the first time that I met this amazing woman that I would be with her for a very long time. I am very happy and so is Paolina. We have carved out a life together. It's had it's ups and it's downs, but we feel like a team. We have been together now for five years, and I can honestly say that these have been, in many ways the best five years of my life!

Orginally, we were hoping to be married in Scotland, which is where Paolina grew up. However, we ran into some significant logistical and paperwork issues regarding having the right visa's in place. It was a much more complicated, expensive and time consuming process than we could have ever imagined. So we decided to have the civil ceremony here and still go over to Scotland and celebrate with Paolina's family over there with a reception and a renewal of vows ceremony - just in case we had forgot them! We leave at the end of this week for 10 days in Scotland. I have never been, and I am looking forward to meeting other members of Paolina's family and seeing Scotland for the first time.

Hoping to post up some pictures when we get some downloaded from friends that where at the ceremony. For the time being this nice picture of us riding in Tucson will have to do!


Ariel said...


I loved the Tucson photos. I just returned from Tucson myself -- sadly, I was there to attend a funeral, but I definitely want to go back with my bike.

Suzie said...

congrats... nice pics too!

Turtlepace said...

Congratulations, Steve.