Friday, February 13, 2009


Paolina and I met on a bike ride - yes it's true. It's remarkable, beyond the fact that we are both keen triathletes( Well, has been a keen triathlete for me) and cyclists. Had I turned right on that road at HWY 9 and Dufferin, north of Toronto, we may have never met. But I went left and that's how it happened. I had seen Paolina coming along the road, so I did turn left. We rode together that summer day for about an hour. Truth be known, I was in dreadful shape at the time and was killing myself to keep up, while at the same time trying to look relaxed and carry on a conversation, as we rode over the roads of the Holland Marsh - a hard thing to do!

We parted ways and I went home and recovered( !!), but I was smitten. I followed up with her, did some telephone tag and then their was a first date - lunch at the Soho Bistro on Yonge St. And it grew from their. The timing was good but not great for the both of us. We had both been through a lot in the few previous years, and neither of us was looking for something else - just friendship. However it quickly went way beyond that and a love bloomed that I think caught both of us by surprise, but it was a powerful force that we came to realize was important to us. Together we were better!

I really do love her. Paolina has been such a wonderful and amazing influence in my life and I feel lucky and grateful every day that we are together.

Happy Valentine's Day Darling - I love you!

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Paolina said...

I love you to bits....i just couldn't imagine my life without you!