Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Hilarious and Humble Paul Huddle!!

We are lucky in the sport of triathlon to have some real characters in the sport. People who have walked the walk and can really talk the talk, and do it in a funny and enlightening way. One of these people is Paul Huddle. Huddle is a true triathlon Renaissance man. He's literally done it all in this sport and done it all extremely well, with flair, and a great sense of humor.

I first met Paul years ago at Ironman Canada ( IMC). Our bikes were racked near one another's in the Transition area. He was warming up on the morning of the race with a lumber-jack jacket and what looked like a World War II Bomber cap on. Right away, I knew this guy was different! He was the first to start listing funny past-times under "Occupation" on IM entry forms. I think that year at IMC he was a "Lounge Singer".

As I said he's truly done it all in the sport. Several top 10 finishes at Ironman Hawaii. Was Mark Allen's main training partner for years. Founded and runs one of the best coaching services around - Multisports. Columnist with Triathlete Magazine. Founder/leader of the UnderPants run. Host of the show at Ironman Hawaii. Creator, director and actor with Roch Frey, of the hilarious, "What Not To Do The Week Before Ironman" video series (viewable at the NA Sports Web Site). Key Bike/Run Course Guy for NA Sports. Race Director for Ironman Arizona. Co-Host with Bob Babbitt of "The Competitors" radio program. Married to 8-time Ironman World Champion Paula Newby Fraser. Is there anything he has not done? Amazing!

Picture above is of Mr. Huddle surveying the madness before this year's Under Pants run at Ironman Hawaii. Yes, those are compression argyle socks!

Check out Huddle's most recent rant on Warning bring your tire leavers!! :)

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