Monday, December 22, 2008

Tri - ing Times - What's in a Name?

What's in a name? A lot of you are a triathlon shop or a business working within the sport of triathlon!

Perhaps I should have put a bit more thought into the title of my blog - but I have always been a fan of the silly pun. I could not resist - so Tri . . . This! :)

Puns aside - maybe the whole Tri thing has been done to death, but then again maybe not. There are currently fourteen, of our Nineteen dealers( that's Nineteen's dealers, not that we have nineteen dealers - we actually have 65 dealers in total!!) who use some variation of the word Tri in the name of their stores - there's three in Canada and eleven in the U.S. :

Trysports - Parry Sound, ON
Tri It - Calgary, AB
Tri-All- 3 Sports - Vancouver, BC - Santa Ana, CA
Tri Buys - Irvine, CA
Tri On The Run - Houston, TX
Tri Running and Walking - Victor, NY
Tri Speed - Timonium, MD
Tri Zombies - Manhatten Beach, CA
Triathlete Sports - Bangor, ME
Tribe Multisport - Phoenix, AZ - Tucson, AZ
Tri-Tech Multisport - Columbus, OH
Trysports - Mount Pleasent, SC

My favourite name is Tribe Multisport. It's a different word, that has the word Tri in it, but the word Tribe could also be used to describe what triathletes are and the whole triathlon scene. What we do is rather odd and people do like to think of us (triathletes) as being different. We are by definition a bit of a tribe unto our selves.

After Tribe, some of them are catchy. Tri Zombies is a classic! Tri It is a good one to.

Has it been over done? Hard to know. I do note that some of these shops are the best Tri shops around, so I would not fault them over their choice of name. For them it works. When you have the word "Tri" in your name, it's clear what you are all about!

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