Tuesday, December 9, 2008

PSA - Please Shovel The Snow

Well it's that time of the year. Winter seems to have come hard, fast and early to many parts of Canada and the U.S. already. This is a Public Service Announcement to please shovel the snow from your sidewalks. As I noted in the post below, there may be runners out doing an off season run focus and running on a nicely cleared sidewalk is heaven. Running on a rutted, icey uncleared one can be crazy and down-right dangerous. So please get the shovel out of the garage or the basement and clear the sidewalks in front of your house of snow and ice.

Now, I while I am encouraging expeditious removal of snow from sidewalks and elsewhere, I would also urge caution in moving the snow around. If it's the heavy wet, concrete like snow we have on the ground here north of Toronto, be very careful. Shovelling this type of snow can blow your back out in a second. Use good form and make sure your core is strong and stable before tossing the heavy stuff around.

That's all for now in the southern Ontario Snow Belt. Picture above is my son Matthew particularly proud of his snow clearing technique last March! Yes, that's right, the snow banks are well over 5 feet tall!

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