Friday, January 9, 2009

This N That

The Christmas- New Year's holiday has come and gone. It was a nice break and we are now back into the swing of things in the new year - 2009. My how the time moves by.

I will be starting to log or note my "Training" in the blog. Note the quotation marks around the word training. I do that because, I don't really know what to call it. I am not really training for anything specific. For me it's just about doing something to stay fit and active. Although, if you must know, their is one ulterior motive here and that's to be fit enough so that any group ride that I go on I can hang with the front group - if not for the whole ride, well, then for as long as I can. Coming up on that note is a week of riding in Tucson during TriFest and their is the big TriFest group ride up Mt Lemmon on the Friday of that week( March 6th) Last year there were close to 100 people start out on this ride and their was a smaller group of about 25 that made it all the way to the top at the town of Winterhaven - I highly reccomend the rhubarb pie at the bekery there. It was worth the pain of the 25 mile 6,000 ft. climb. Or maybe it just tasted so good cause the air was so thin at 10,000 ft!! So, that's what I am "Training" for now and I will note what I am doing about it - hap-hazard as it may be.

I do have a few more openings and room left for my triathlon coaching and advising service. I have posted on this before. However, in short what the service offers is advice and guidance at a higher level to keep your training program on track. It's not for everyone, and we'll need to consult first to see if their is a fit there, but I am very optimistic that for the people that I am will be working with that they will have very successful seasons.

Picture above is of the shrub that grows in our front garden. It was taken recently on a beautiful -10C winter morning. I know that some will find this strange, but I really like days like that. To me their is nothing better than going cross-country skiing on a still -10C, sunny morning on fresh groomed trails. Rub a little blue grip wax on your skis and off you go!

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