Friday, February 13, 2009

Today's "Training"

Forty-five minutes on the rollers this morning. Most of it, spinning in the 53/12 gear. Legs felt good. Then did the mini core routine afterwards.

I had been getting very excited about the prospects of some outdoor riding this weekend after a week of spring like weather here in Southern Ontario ( snow is almost completely gone), but we are back in the deep-freeze with a temp of -10C this morning and only slightly warmer weather forcast for the weekend. Maybe xc skiing. Have not been skiing in over a month now. Should be icey and fast at either Hardwood Hills or Horseshoe Valley

Call me a wimp but my lower threshold for outdoor riding is around 0C. If it's below that, I am indoors on the trainer or rollers - as boring as it is, it's a far better use of the time.

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